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In Focus: Luxury Literature: Chanel: The Complete Collections Catwalk Series

This week's title: Chanel: The Complete Collections (Catwalk Series)

We’ve been away for a while, but now we are back!!..joyfully delving into the fascinating world of luxury. In the weeks to come, we will be reviewing, analyzing, and looking at many works of luxury literature. As we make our way through the extremely wide universe that constitutes the luxury genre, we shall explore everything from Haute Couture, iconic fashion Maisons, bespoke heritage labels, and exquisitely hand-crafted jewelry to the diversified array of high-end luxury vehicles and newly emerging flying luxury cars.


Chanel is one of the most iconic fashion brands in the world, known for its timeless elegance and luxurious designs. Over the years, the brand has produced a number of stunning collections that have wowed audiences on the catwalk, including its Complete Karl Lagerfeld Collections.

Artistically brilliant as well as quite the enigma, Lagerfeld was a German fashion designer who served as creative director of Chanel from 1983 until his death in 2019. During his tenure, he oversaw the production of numerous collections that showcased his unique vision and design philosophy.

Visually stunning, the Catwalk Collections are a comprehensive look at Lagerfeld's runway shows for Chanel, from his earliest designs to his final creations. The series is a tribute to Lagerfeld's remarkable career and his contribution to the world of luxury high fashion.

One of the standout collections in the series is the Spring/Summer 1984 show, which marked Lagerfeld's debut as creative director of Chanel. The collection was a departure from the classic Chanel aesthetic, incorporating bold colors, oversized jewelry, and unconventional fabrics such as denim and jersey. The collection was a hit with critics and consumers alike and helped to cement Lagerfeld's reputation as a daring and innovative designer.

In the years that followed, Lagerfeld continued to push the boundaries of fashion with his designs for Chanel. The Fall/Winter 1985 collection, for example, featured oversized coats, dramatic headpieces, and bold patterns that showcased Lagerfeld's flair for the theatrical.

The Fall/Winter 1991 collection was another standout in the series, featuring a range of designs that drew inspiration from the Russian aristocracy. The collection included luxurious fabrics such as velvet and fur, as well as intricate beading and embroidery.

In the early 2000s, Lagerfeld collaborated with artist Vanessa Beecroft on a series of shows that would become known as the "Chanel supermarket" collections. The shows featured models walking through a replica supermarket, wearing Chanel designs that were inspired by everyday household items such as cereal boxes and laundry detergent bottles. Conceptually bold, the collections were a playful nod to the consumerism and commercialism of modern society and helped to keep Chanel relevant and on-trend.

Lagerfeld's final collection for Chanel was the Fall/Winter 2019 show, which was presented just weeks after his death. The show was a tribute to Lagerfeld's legacy, featuring a range of designs that drew inspiration from his iconic style. The collection included classic Chanel tweed jackets, oversized hats, and Lagerfeld's signature fingerless gloves.


Overall, the Complete Karl Lagerfeld Collections (Catwalk) is a testament to Lagerfeld's remarkable talent and his contribution to the world of fashion. His designs for Chanel were always daring, innovative, and on-trend, while still staying true to the brand's timeless elegance and luxurious aesthetic. Through his work, Lagerfeld helped to cement Chanel's reputation as one of the most iconic and influential fashion brands in the world.

Updated Bonus:

His creativity as a designer was simply so incredible, we just had to include a few more examples of his aesthetic genius!!!


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