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Prometheus Worley in Hampton Court Press

"Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backward. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life."

                                                   -Steve Jobs

It is in the spirit of this life transformative, destiny-affirming ethos in which the idea of Hampton Court Press was born.  

Over the years my family's love for international culture, literature, travel, and adventure, has evolved from mere fireside chats and fun-filled dinner table conversations to the physical implementation of various classic literary adventures. Things like walking in the footsteps of legendary lover Casanova's breathtaking Venice and roaming the romantic gardens of  Louis XIV's magnificent Versailles Palace in France, to touring Dante Alighieri's beautiful Florence and hunting for Jim Morrison's gravesite in Pere Lachaise; became anticipated adventures placed on our family's annual "To-Do" list. 

This thirst for putting theoretical book knowledge into "real-life" fashionable experience opened up a plethora of pathways for self-growth in ways we could've never imagined possible (collectively as well as individually).

"Literature, Art, and Fashion possess the power to transform the very essence of what we consider to be reality."

                              -Prometheus Worley

It is for this very reason we chose to start an international hybrid Literary Fashion Hub Publishing House, to both create and share with the world some of the amazing things we have learned and experienced as a result of immersing ourselves within the wonderful world of international culture. Combining our love for Literature, Art, and Fashion, we also began to create /design fashion pieces based on many of our favorite global exotic destinations, Literary Characters, and Classical works of art. 


It is with great pleasure, we are proud to announce the launching of our very own HAMPTON COURT PRESS APPAREL® (HCPA) product line.

Prometheus Worley shares his time between Europe and the United States. He is an Environmentalist, Sustainability Specialist, Author, and Audiobook Narrator; whose passions include: Climate Activism, Philanthropy, Fashion, Fine Art & Antiques, Hiking, Backpacking, Meditation, Yoga, and International cultures. 

As a  Business Owner, Consultant and Reviewer, he has written widely on Healthcare Sustainability, Environmental Health & Safety, Classical Literature,  Health & Fitness, International Travel, and the Luxury Industry. When not traveling or visiting Monasteries, Temples, Art Auctions, and galleries, you'll likely find him and his family of 5 engaging in wonderfully warm fireside chats, hiking, and /or restoring vintage Victorian properties.

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Tracy de Rushe-Worley


Tracy De Rushe-Worley is a Fortune 500 Finance expert and Investment adviser. As former business owner of  RED WARRIORS, her project management skills, unique business style and experience created an industry standard still utilized today within the international $124 billion Carnival industry. Her passions include: Real Estate Investing,  Autism Awareness Charities, Victorian Property restoration, Interior Design, Antiquing, Open Water Rowing, and International Travel.

When not working or traveling, you can usually find her visiting antique fairs, Classic Car shows, as well as spending quality time outdoors with friends and family.

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Logan Fuller
(Social Media Manager)

Logan Blu-Natalia Fuller is a full-time student at Rutgers University pursuing her B.A. in Psychology. Recently returning from living and studying abroad in Italy, she is fluent in both Italian and Spanish. She is a Collegiate Swimmer, Fencer, and Cyclist. Being an annual participant of the United Nations Youth Delegate Program as well as a speaker at UN Youth Conferences held in NYC, when not at school, Logan utilizes her time helping /counseling at-risk-teens, assisting with local Food Drives, and helping her family restore Vintage Victorian properties.


Her passions include: Public Speaking, Fencing, Swimming, Cycling, Theater, the Culinary Arts, International Travel, exploring International Cultures and researching Social Media Trends.

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Liam Fuller
(Graphic Design Illustrator) 

Liam Fuller is a Senior at Hudson Catholic High School. Recently returning from living and studying abroad in Italy, he is fluent in Italian. As a highly skilled Graphic Design Illustrator, Vocalist, Fencer, an avid Gamer, he prides himself on giving his best effort with regards to every project he engages with. He is both, a United Nations Youth Delegate Programme participant as well as a UN Youth Conference contributor.

His passions include Fencing, Athletics, Weight Training, Basketball, Dog Grooming, Veterinary Science & Pet Care, and assisting his family with the restoration of Vintage Victorian properties.

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Our Brand Ambassadors

Unconditional love and sheer cuteness are the real drivers of success here at Hampton Court Press. Our 4 little fur babies (Bengal Kitties: Sachi & Joyti) (Dogs: Ashton & Lully), along with our little Maestro (Sethie) are the real motivators for us as a family business. Toddler giggles, meows, and adorable barking yelps are all the currency we require...Lol.