Finding Your Fire: Putting Words Into Action is a unique journey into the realm of our personal motivations. An exploration into the landscape of the self in which we will seek to discover as well as uncover the drivers of change which both, reside deeply within us as well as within environments all around us.


For many, finding that thing...that one thing which truly makes our souls sing and hearts ring with sheer delight remains just slighly out of reach. We wonder, after so many years and so much time spent chasing things, careers, and relationships; why happiness or genuine pure satisfaction and joy still eludes us..... Why is that?....Why?


Finding Your Fire: Putting Words Into Action delves into the mystery behind the curtain of this elusive beast we call passion or fire!!! Traipsing across the annals of time, we visit some of history's most monumental figures exploring the origins of their "why"?, and the paths they took to continually stoke the fiery flames of passion within them inorder bring their passionate "why's" to life. We'll examine some of their pathways through pain and suffering which paradoxically led to some of their greatest achievements.


  • What drove incredibly talented renaissance artists like Artemisia Gentileschi to paint and create such breath taking works of beauty?
  • What were some of the "real motives"  behind Napoleon Bonaparte's desires to swiftly move his army from place to place.
  • What extraordinary events laid the foundation for one history's greatest storytellers, Mary Shelley, to write one of the most fascinating ground-breaking gothic novels of all time?


It is here where our epic journey begins, creatively uncovering historical motivational pathways and the steps which one can take to fuel the passionate fires of ones dreams and desires.....


Finding Your Fire: Putting Words Into Action

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