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Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz (Sophia Charlotte; 1744 -1818) was Queen of Great Britain and Ireland as the wife of King George III. She was a patron of the arts and an amateur botanist who helped expand Kew Gardens. As well, she was the first one to introduce the Christmas tree to Britain, after decorating one for a Christmas party for children from Windsor in 1800.


What makes Queen Charlotte so unique and interesting is that she was Britain's first Black Queen. Though German, her ancestry descends directly from the black branch of the Portuguese royal family, whose ancestry traces directly back to Africa.


Thanks to Netflix's mega-hit "Bridgerton", this long-forgotten (though many would say purposely covered up) historical fact has resurfaced to the delight of millions of viewers who eagerly love binge-watch this fascinating series. It is with great pleasure we drew inspiration from this historical fact /amazing show and creatively designed the Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton -Fitted Face Mask.


Our masks are great for everyday use and overall protection.


.: 100% Polyester
.: Two layers of cloth with a filter pocket between (filter is not included)
.: Black inner layer and ear loops
.: Shaped form
.: One size

Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton -Fitted Face Mask

SKU : 33152458033263115340
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